[EMS Discuss] New / Old Space to reconsider

Mr. Clif clif at eugeneweb.com
Fri Feb 28 12:05:18 PST 2014

Hi gang,

Was just looking over the Craigs Listings and saw that the the owner of 
the Wallis space is getting desperate. Here is the scoop:

It's only 1.7 miles by road, (shorter by Quad Copter ;-) from our 
current location.


  * $935 2525ft² 37c / sqft - 115 Wallis St #B
      o Flier: 115WallisLEASE9-8-13.pdf
        Note the address IS 115 Wallis
      o Not much shop power, electric heat no office space.
      o Pictures:
  * $1295 3280ft² 40c / sqft - 115 Wallis St #C
      o Flier: See above
      o Four offices, and for extra there is an attached apartment. This
        could be a plus or minus.
      o Not much shop power, and electric heat, but has a really nice
        Engine hoist.
      o Large park like fields down the street.
      o Pictures:

I think we could talk him down to $1100 or even $1000, and a while back 
Weston was saying that we would jump at anything less than $1200 right 
Weston? ;-)

I'm still bumming about not moving fast enough on the Wilson space, Sigh...

     What do yall think?

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