[EMS Discuss] Winefelly Recycling: Good source for parts.

Darrell Perko EMAIL HIDDEN
Fri Jan 3 16:48:33 PST 2014


Tim from Winefelly Recycling has been by the last couple of Fridays and 
he brought a few gifts:  Some nice magnets, the steel rods by the lathe, 
and a few stepper motors I put upstairs.

Tim is trying to do recycling the way it should be done.  That is, to 
take things down to their component parts and carefully recycle all that 
can be.  That also leaves quite a bit that potentially can be reused, 
and he would be happy to see these components in the hands of those who 
would do so.  So, please check out his place when looking for parts for 
your next build.  I noticed a good selection of power supplies, cheap.  
Ask to tour the workshop, as the retail space in front only has a small 
fraction of what's available.

Tim also needs things to recycle.  So please consider taking your 
e-waste, dead tools, household appliances, and other devices to him.  I 
think this could be a mutually beneficial relationship. When we have 
more space available, he would like EMS to be a collection point and he 
would come pick up.


Winefelly Recycling
30030 Kaiser Ave, Unit 9  (not very far out Prairie Rd.)
Eugene, OR 97402
541 844 4120

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