[EMS Discuss] Eugene Mini-Maker Fair, Meeting with Nick and Sabrina

Weston Turner EMAIL HIDDEN
Tue Jan 7 18:56:52 PST 2014

Hi Makers,

I just had a meeting with Nick the Education Director from the Science
Factory and local organizer of the Eugene Mini-Maker Fair and Sabrina the
Marketing Director for Maker Fair.

Here is the information I took away from the meeting.

The Eugene Mini-Maker Fair will likely be held June 7th or June 14th.

Nick said that even though the previous Mini-Maker Fair(s) were intended to
be commerce free, we could probably work out a way to enable us to sell
swag, kits, and take donations if they are for fundraising for EMS. But it
is unlikely that the Fair will be opened up to more general vending.

We are encouraged to set up a "Learn to Solder" table (or more than one if
we can muster the resources (i.e. soldering stations, solder, kits,
etc..)). The Maker Fair people have simple kits in the form of a botton
with blinking LED's that can be easily assembled at the tables. Or we can
come up with our own simple projects that people can make...

Sabrina inquired about other potential Maker exhibits we could offer up; so
take this letter also as an informal call out for makers, and get thinking
about what we can show off at the fair. I tentatively volunteered team
LEO's pumpkin launcher. That project, in my mind, begs to be shown off!

Lastly, and this topic can spill over into the Business Planning realm, I
mentioned that we are trying to move to a bigger space. That really got
Sabrina's attention, and she asked a few good questions. But I'll follow on
with another thread to talk about them.

Best Regards,
Weston Turner
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