[EMS Discuss] Meeting with Sabrina from Maker Fair, New Space Fundraising

Weston Turner EMAIL HIDDEN
Tue Jan 7 19:05:43 PST 2014

During the Mini-Maker Fair meeting I had tonight with Sabrina and Nick
(from the Science Factory) I mentioned that we are trying to move to a
bigger space. That really got Sabrina's attention, and she asked a few good

1) "Are we planning to do a Kickstarter to help us bridge the funding gap
between the time we move and the time we have enough members to support the
larger space, as well as cover one time moving costs?" I said that it
hadn't come up to my knowledge. I think that we should have a Kickstarter
to raise money for our move. Lets not be so modest, our cause is totally
worthy of this.

2) "Have we involved the city council or the chamber of commerce to assist
us?" Once again, I don't think we have earnestly considered this. I asked
her to point to examples where a Maker Space has gotten direct support from
a city government or chamber of commerce. She pointed to the Maker Space in
Danbury Connecticut: http://danburyhackerspace.com/. If you google "danbury
connecticut maker space", the little blurb under the first return says:

"The City of Danbury has graciously provided the space to help launch the
hackerspace and build a community of entrepreneurs, makers, craftspeople, &

So there is precedent for receiving assistance from city governments, and
I'm sure that this is not the only example. In fact, Sabrina said that the
Mayor of Oakland was somehow involved in commencing the opening of the
Oakland Mini-Maker Fair. Bottom line, lets not be so modest as to overlook
involvement with the city. Our cause merits their support.

Lets add starting a Kickstarted and drafting a proposal letter to the city
and the chamber of commerce to our action items for our moving plan, and
discus this at this Saturday's Business Planning meeting.

Best Regards,
Weston Turner
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