[EMS Discuss] Eugene Mini-Maker Fair, Meeting with Nick and Sabrina

Wed Jan 8 09:59:59 PST 2014

I'm keen to get a kit together for the bottle lights I've been making. 
Targetting the mini maker fair would get me a deadline to hit and an 
idea of the skill level and degree of assembly-required I should aim 
for. Participants would walk away with a working LED light powered by a 
single AA battery, in a bottle enclosure. Its a great project for using 
allegedly dead AA batteries and can be adapted to almost 0 cost if you 
salvage parts. Also, it gives a reason to exist for all those pretty 
bottles people collect but don't know what to do with.

For the fair I'd probably I'd use a half-liter screw cap plastic water 
bottle or similar as I can get lots of those easily and they are all the 
same size. But the same kit should work with any screw cap bottle pretty 
much. The circuit has only a few passive components (though for volume I 
might use an IC for the LED drive/voltage booster). It could be a 
learn-to-solder project, or I could also do it using solder-free 
techniques. Probably the former for a more reliable result.


On 1/7/2014 6:56 PM, Weston Turner wrote:
> Hi Makers,
> I just had a meeting with Nick the Education Director from the Science 
> Factory and local organizer of the Eugene Mini-Maker Fair and Sabrina 
> the Marketing Director for Maker Fair.
> Here is the information I took away from the meeting.
> The Eugene Mini-Maker Fair will likely be held June 7th or June 14th.
> Nick said that even though the previous Mini-Maker Fair(s) were 
> intended to be commerce free, we could probably work out a way to 
> enable us to sell swag, kits, and take donations if they are for 
> fundraising for EMS. But it is unlikely that the Fair will be opened 
> up to more general vending.
> We are encouraged to set up a "Learn to Solder" table (or more than 
> one if we can muster the resources (i.e. soldering stations, solder, 
> kits, etc..)). The Maker Fair people have simple kits in the form of a 
> botton with blinking LED's that can be easily assembled at the tables. 
> Or we can come up with our own simple projects that people can make...
> Sabrina inquired about other potential Maker exhibits we could offer 
> up; so take this letter also as an informal call out for makers, and 
> get thinking about what we can show off at the fair. I tentatively 
> volunteered team LEO's pumpkin launcher. That project, in my mind, 
> begs to be shown off!
> Lastly, and this topic can spill over into the Business Planning 
> realm, I mentioned that we are trying to move to a bigger space. That 
> really got Sabrina's attention, and she asked a few good questions. 
> But I'll follow on with another thread to talk about them.
> Best Regards,
> Weston Turner
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