[EMS Discuss] Eugene Mini-Maker Fair, Meeting with Nick and Sabrina

John Burridge EMAIL HIDDEN
Wed Jan 8 11:47:35 PST 2014

My kid liked the paper airplane launcher at the Eugene Mini-Maker Fair.

If I could get my hands on a paper plotter cutter, I might be able to
cut out locking paper struts kids could build into Bucky-balls or
something.  (This is assuming I could design something....)

- John

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 6:56 PM, Weston Turner <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Hi Makers,
> I just had a meeting with Nick the Education Director from the Science
> Factory and local organizer of the Eugene Mini-Maker Fair and Sabrina the
> Marketing Director for Maker Fair.
> Here is the information I took away from the meeting.
> The Eugene Mini-Maker Fair will likely be held June 7th or June 14th.
> Nick said that even though the previous Mini-Maker Fair(s) were intended to
> be commerce free, we could probably work out a way to enable us to sell
> swag, kits, and take donations if they are for fundraising for EMS. But it
> is unlikely that the Fair will be opened up to more general vending.
> We are encouraged to set up a "Learn to Solder" table (or more than one if
> we can muster the resources (i.e. soldering stations, solder, kits, etc..)).
> The Maker Fair people have simple kits in the form of a botton with blinking
> LED's that can be easily assembled at the tables. Or we can come up with our
> own simple projects that people can make...
> Sabrina inquired about other potential Maker exhibits we could offer up; so
> take this letter also as an informal call out for makers, and get thinking
> about what we can show off at the fair. I tentatively volunteered team LEO's
> pumpkin launcher. That project, in my mind, begs to be shown off!
> Lastly, and this topic can spill over into the Business Planning realm, I
> mentioned that we are trying to move to a bigger space. That really got
> Sabrina's attention, and she asked a few good questions. But I'll follow on
> with another thread to talk about them.
> Best Regards,
> Weston Turner
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John Burridge

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