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And while not a emitted radio wave technique you can "steal" electricity off power lines through the electromagnetic field given off by them. A long wire running near and parallel to a power line has a current induced into it from the oscillating magnet field given off from current in these power lines. Farmers use to run a wire along power lines that were running the length of their field and use the electricity. When the power company found out they were busted. Now the wire costs more than the electricity is worth. Power companies used to look for this, maybe they still do? 

You may be able to do this on a micro scale from wires leading into your house but you would only get power when you had current in those lines (when you were using electricity for other things in your house) and you would only be stealing it from yourself since you coupling with the wires after the current went through your power meter (already paid for).


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I have a solar powered watch.  Does that count?  Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like radio...

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>I was wondering, if you can power an LED with radio waves, do you think you could power a watch that way?
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