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Another thought and although this is beyond the abilities of any home project (and there is the safety issue of cooking your family and friends just to turning on a LED) With phase array radar antennas, those are of a design that is created with a matrix of many small antenna all placed a specific wave length fraction apart. Each element of the antenna has a signal that is phase shifted a specific amount to focus the merged signal into a high intensity pattern along a specific vector angle. By changing the phase of the signal to each element the transmission can be sent out in any direction. You may remember old movies with the radar antenna on a ship rotating in a circle and the image on the radar screen rotating and updating with the same duration of the antenna rotation. A phase array antenna doesn't rotate.  A phase array radar antenna can scan space with the antenna stationary and moving the direction of the transmitted signal electrically with
 signal phase shifting of each separate element. Although not the nicest thing, to test the the accuracy of the calibration on the antenna they would find a sea gull with the radar then phase shift the focus of the antenna on the bird in air and send out a pulse of high power. It delivered enough power to cook bird in mid air. 


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I was wondering, if you can power an LED with radio waves, do you think you could power a watch that way?
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