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Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Sat Jan 25 11:34:38 PST 2014

Tl;DR I want to rearrange the shop on Wednesday night at 6:00PM.

I was talking with some members last night about EMS and the current layout
and we had some ideas for making the place more conducive to getting things
done.  I know that myself and several others don't do a lot of work at EMS
lately because it's a chore to even just think about having to move tools
out of the way just to get to the tool you want to use.  Many of us would
agree that we have outgrown our current space, but perhaps we can still
rearrange things to do more with what we have while we still have it.  For
example, we have this giant island of tables in the middle of our space.
 On the one hand I think this is good for forcing people together on open
hack nights to sit around and have discussions, work on smaller projects,
etc.  But it takes up so much space and prevents people from being able to
easily use many of the other tools, which means those tools are sitting
around unused just taking up even more space.  Why do we need this giant
table there all day every day?

I think this ties in well with some of the space committees goals to find
ways to raise funding now so we can more easily afford to move into the
space we need.  If we can make the place obviously conducive to making,
maybe we can bring in and retain more members.  Also, I think it would be
great if we can find the most efficient way to use our current space so
that we can bring this attitude to the new space, rather than just throwing
all our tools into some newer bigger space and letting the problem grow
into a bigger space.

That being said, I plan to go to the shop on *Wednesday night at 6PM* and
rearrange things to better suit our mission of allowing people to make.
 Here are some ideas I have right now that I'd like to explore.

1. Get rid of the island of tables and the carpet and move some of the
tools to the middle of the room (tablesaw?)

2. Possibly get rid of tables that do not fold up.  If we only keep folding
tables, we can easily setup a smaller island for open hack nights or
classes and then fold them away after each event so we have room to work
during non "open" hours.

3. Swap some things around from the shop/office areas.  Maybe it would be
better to move the wall of refrigerators into the small office and move
some of the office tools into the shop somewhere.

4. Clean out the Pick a part area.  How much of that stuff do we really
still need?  Is it worth lugging to a new space?  Maybe it's time to clean
out most of that stuff, re-organize it, and then move some lesser used
items from the shop out of the way to the upstairs storage.

5. Keeping things clean.  How can we make it super easy for people to clean
up after themselves?  Let's make sure brooms, cleaning supplies, shop vac,
are all easily accessible and not a chore to find/use.

This just a list of ideas to get us started.  If you want to contribute and
get your opinion heard, come down to the shop on Wednesday night at 6:00PM
to help.  If you can't make it, reply in this thread with your ideas and
convince us they are awesome.

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