[EMS Discuss] Missed amazon package at ems

Ellery Weber ellery at elleryweber.com
Wed Jan 29 19:18:36 PST 2014

looks like it was greg:

Greg Norman
Jan 26 (3 days ago)

to Rick, discuss

I'll try to make it. If I can't I still might drop off some boxes and a
magic marker if they can help organised the pick a part stuff.

To facilitate keeping it clean in the future I think labels might help the
group. Some on the peg board (like screw driver, wrench...) Shelves could
also be labeled not to mention the many power tools in their cases that
have no indication what's in the case.

To this end I have ordered some labels from Amazon and am having them
delivered directly to the EMS. They arrive the afternoon of Wednesday. They
are of the type that you can write on with a sharpie and still erase them
to easily relabel shelves and peg board as needed.


--- Ellery Weber

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Rick Osgood <rick at richardosgood.com> wrote:

> There was a ups note left on the door saying we missed a package from
> amazon. Anyone know what it is or who this belongs too?  It was addressed
> to maker space.
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