[EMS Discuss] post shop cleanup w/photos

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Wed Jan 29 22:38:30 PST 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out tonight.  We had a good turn out
and got a lot of stuff accomplished.  There's still much to be done but we
really did a great job cleaning things up and improving the usability of
the shop.  I have attached some photos for those who are interested.  Some
changes are most noticeable than others.  Here are a couple things I really

1. The big carpet is gone.  It collected lots of dirt/dust/debris and
really wasn't fit for a place where people like to make a mess.  You
wouldn't believe the amount of fine dust collected under this thing...

2. The folding tables are folded up and stored next to the vacuum.  There
is plenty of space for them to be pulled down during open hack nights and
other times as needed, but by default now we have much more space to move
around and work on things.  We still have room for about 7 people to sit by
default, and if we split the tables apart we can fit more like 11 people.
 Then we can add tables however they make sense.

3. We got rid of a bunch of small scrap wood pieces that are likely to not
be used.

4. The larger wood pile was moved to the far back corner of the shop where
it is less unsightly and now we have more usable wall space.

5. The place where the wood pile used to be now has a new shop vac, along
with brooms hanging on the wall.  This gives us easy access to the
equipment we need to clean up after ourselves.  We shouldn't give ourselves
any excuses for not cleaning up, and knowing exactly where the cleaning
gear is located helps.

6. Both work benches are completely clear of clutter.  These are work
spaces, designed to perform work on.  When you start a project it should
already be clean.  When you end a project, if you see a tool laying on the
bench, that means you left it there.  It's your responsibility to find it a
home.  There isn't always a perfect place for every tool, so use your best
judgement but leave the work spaces clean so others can perform work.

7. The wood working corner is similar to how it has been but the tools are
more spaced out and now have much more room to work.  There is also a mini
shop vac under the band saw, next to the table saw that can be used to help
make cleaning up easier.  We are hoping to build a skirt around the table
saw that we can hook up this shop vac too.

I'm sure there are more things we did but these were the big ones that
stood out to me.  Thanks again to everyone who worked on this.  We all hope
the members are better able to utilize the shop now.  Let's work hard to
make sure the place stays clean and tidy so that we can all get work done
when we need too, and so new visitors feel like they've found something
they want to be a part of.  Take pride in your maker space and help make it
the best it can be.

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