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Ellery Weber ellery at elleryweber.com
Thu Jan 30 08:44:15 PST 2014

This looks great guys!

--- Ellery Weber

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 11:16 PM, Weston Turner <wstnturner at gmail.com>wrote:

> Thanks for the writeup Rick, and thanks for the cleanup initiative!
> Its a huge improvement in my mind, and I had a lot of fun helping out
> tonight. So thanks for the other members who collaborated in the cleanup
> too.
> I think I can see a retractable screen for a projector mounted right above
> the whiteboard behind the AV cart. And if I look hard enough, I can see a
> projector in place of those refrigerators on the cart, just ready to be
> rolled out and used for seminars, code/design reviews, presentations, and
> maybe even movies :).
> Best Regards,
> Weston Turner
> On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Rick Osgood <rick at richardosgood.com>wrote:
>> Thanks so much to everyone who helped out tonight.  We had a good turn
>> out and got a lot of stuff accomplished.  There's still much to be done but
>> we really did a great job cleaning things up and improving the usability of
>> the shop.  I have attached some photos for those who are interested.  Some
>> changes are most noticeable than others.  Here are a couple things I really
>> like:
>> 1. The big carpet is gone.  It collected lots of dirt/dust/debris and
>> really wasn't fit for a place where people like to make a mess.  You
>> wouldn't believe the amount of fine dust collected under this thing...
>> 2. The folding tables are folded up and stored next to the vacuum.  There
>> is plenty of space for them to be pulled down during open hack nights and
>> other times as needed, but by default now we have much more space to move
>> around and work on things.  We still have room for about 7 people to sit by
>> default, and if we split the tables apart we can fit more like 11 people.
>>  Then we can add tables however they make sense.
>> 3. We got rid of a bunch of small scrap wood pieces that are likely to
>> not be used.
>> 4. The larger wood pile was moved to the far back corner of the shop
>> where it is less unsightly and now we have more usable wall space.
>> 5. The place where the wood pile used to be now has a new shop vac, along
>> with brooms hanging on the wall.  This gives us easy access to the
>> equipment we need to clean up after ourselves.  We shouldn't give ourselves
>> any excuses for not cleaning up, and knowing exactly where the cleaning
>> gear is located helps.
>> 6. Both work benches are completely clear of clutter.  These are work
>> spaces, designed to perform work on.  When you start a project it should
>> already be clean.  When you end a project, if you see a tool laying on the
>> bench, that means you left it there.  It's your responsibility to find it a
>> home.  There isn't always a perfect place for every tool, so use your best
>> judgement but leave the work spaces clean so others can perform work.
>> 7. The wood working corner is similar to how it has been but the tools
>> are more spaced out and now have much more room to work.  There is also a
>> mini shop vac under the band saw, next to the table saw that can be used to
>> help make cleaning up easier.  We are hoping to build a skirt around the
>> table saw that we can hook up this shop vac too.
>> I'm sure there are more things we did but these were the big ones that
>> stood out to me.  Thanks again to everyone who worked on this.  We all hope
>> the members are better able to utilize the shop now.  Let's work hard to
>> make sure the place stays clean and tidy so that we can all get work done
>> when we need too, and so new visitors feel like they've found something
>> they want to be a part of.  Take pride in your maker space and help make it
>> the best it can be.
>> Rick
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