[EMS Discuss] PET plastic collection

Sam Foster sam at sneetchworks.com
Thu Jan 30 09:24:48 PST 2014

I'm working with reclaimed PET (#1, Polyethylene terephthalate) on a 
project. I've got usable material out of soda bottles and larger food 
packaging and similar clear plastic packaging (you know, the kind that 
induces wrap rage and bites back). I need that kind of thickness - too 
much thinner doesn't have the strength I need, and thicker is harder to 
work with and won't fit my jigs. Thing is I dont drink soda, 
occasionally I empty a bottle of tonic water and I've been picking up 
bottles when I see them, but I'm quickly going through my stash. If you 
or someone you know goes through a lot of this stuff could you think of 
putting it aside for me. Or letting me know where/when I can pick it up. 
Larger (2 liter) bottle are best, but I can also use the smaller 750ml - 
I just need 2" strips 4-10" long. Don't really have a color preference, 
clear gives me most options but green works too.

Likely some of the other plastics (e.g. HDPE / #2) would work just as 
well, but I've not done extensive testing. If you know of a good source, 
please let me know. Part of the point of the project is to divert stuff 
from waste and recycling (up-cycling) so I'm not looking at buying or 
using new material - though manufacturing scraps would be good. Along 
the way, I went looking at exactly what you can recycle here in Eugene. 
It turns out that even if its got the plastic triangle number #1 on 
there, if its not bottle shaped the city will trash it. So from that 
point of view, a steady source of non-bottle PET sheet/film would be great.


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