[EMS Discuss] Let's sell the server rack

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Fri Jan 31 08:15:40 PST 2014

During our shop cleanup night we all decided we needed to get rid of the
server rack.  It was a good find at the time, but it has gotten pretty much
zero use the entire time it's been at the shop.  It takes up a ton of
space.  It's big and awkward.  When we did actually use it for our web
server, the server noise was so loud people complained and it was a
detriment to the space.  So let's just get rid of the damn thing already.
 We came to a consensus on this during shop cleanup night.  I volunteered
to take photos and put the thing on craigslist so we can raise some money
for EMS.  However, I totally forgot when I was there last night.

I wanted to see if any member would be willing to take this on?  Is someone
able to take some good photos of the rack and stick it on craigslist?  We
just need to make sure people are aware that none of the actual networking
gear comes with the rack.  You get bonus points if you can store the rack
somewhere else while it is listed for sale.  Like in your garage or
something.  That way we can immediately take advantage of the newly
available space while it's up for sale.  If it doesn't sell we can always
donate it to a member if any members want it or we can donate it to
NextStep or something, so you won't be stuck holding onto it until it's

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