[EMS Discuss] Target range - Elephant in the room?

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Fri Jan 31 08:18:07 PST 2014

During the space improvement night we got to discussing the target shooting
range project again.  This can be a touchy subject because some members put
a lot of time and money into this project already.  Some other members feel
that it takes up too much space for the value it brings to EMS, and some
also question the value it would bring even if it was finished and
functional (in comparison to the space it takes up)

We've had several email threads about this subject in the past and they
generally end with people saying they don't want to scrap the project and
they will help out on the project, but only a couple of people ever seem to
actually follow through.  And unfortunately those people don't have the
time or funding to finish it right now.  At this point something has to be

We believe there are a few options for this project:

Option 1. We can disassemble the project.  People can take their stuff back
and useful unclaimed parts can go into bins for public use.  Maybe we can
save some pieces for display?  Like Bob the robot or the awesome ammo case
with guns inside.  Anything that can be displayed without taking up too
much space.  The rest gets recycled or thrown away.

Option 2. The team needs to start paying for project storage as per the EMS
storage policy.

Option 3. If the team doesn't want to pay, the team needs to get 51% of the
membership to approve the project as a sponsored project as per the EMS
storage policy.

Option 4. The team can take the project off site to store it/work on it
until they can find the time to put more work into it.

I think it would be fair to take a week to discuss this and let the members
who are involved make a decision.  Then we can move forward as a community
from there.  Let's have the discussion in this thread and figure it out.
 I'll send out an update on 2/7/2014 so this isn't forgotten.

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