[EMS Discuss] Sponsor the Vacuum Former! (not asking for money)

Greg Norman normgr00 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 31 12:34:08 PST 2014

Not sure if I understand. If I say Yes and sponsor this and the $25 a month is waved? If so I'll sponsor.  This is to cool a project that benefits us all to make it difficult. 


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TL;DR: I'm asking for the members to sponsor the vacuum former project for 6 months so I don't have to pay a storage fee.  I need 51% of them to say yes.
I sent out an email about the target range, but I also have a project that fits within the storage policy and it would be unfair to not follow the same guidelines.  I've been working on the vacuum former for a long time (May will be two years actually... time flies).  We took a break over the holiday season because of vacations, family time, etc.  We are back in full swing now meeting every Thursday to get this done.  We have to finish the vacuum pump system (We are about 75% done with that), then do the electrical, and one or two other small things.  After that we should be done.

This project takes up enough space that I either have to start paying for it (~$25 per month) or I need to get at least 51% of the members to agree to sponsor it for a set period of time.  So I'm asking the members to sponsor the project for another 6 months.  I'm hoping to get it done sooner of course, but we only have about 2 hours per week in general to work on this and I want to be realistic.

So what say you, members?  Will you sponsor the project?

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