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that's great, liz!  we would be honored to have joshua and benjamin in
our booth.  i want to see both of their projects.

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 11:52 AM, Liz Phelps <lizphelps18 at aol.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> My kids would like to tag onto the EMS booth at some point during the
> Makerfaire day, if that is ok with everyone.  Joshua has an air track that
> is good for demonstrating conservation of momentum and a couple of Newton's
> laws.  I should mention that it uses the fan from a bounce house, so it is a
> little loud, and it needs electricity.  Benjamin is not sure yet what he
> would like to bring - it depends on whether he has time to finish his
> current project - other wise he would bring an older project.
> Best,
> Liz Phelps
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> To follow up on Rick's note: You guys are in charge of arranging your space
> and deciding what to exhibit, but the sooner you let me know what you plan
> to bring, the greater chance we'll have to promote it. (If you let me know
> **ASAP**, I can submit it to MAKE and we may get a write-up as snazzy as
> last year's:
> http://makezine.com/2013/06/10/oregonians-eugene-mini-maker-faire-june-15/ )
> If anyone wants to exhibit their projects *separately* from EMS, I also need
> an application from you ASAP. Visit eugenemakerfaire.com and fill out the
> maker application, or e-mail me directly with your plans. (That goes for any
> other people or groups who may want to submit an application... I'm still
> looking for great exhibits and activities!)
> --Nick
> P.S. I'm off to San Mateo next week... if you're going, drop me a note and
> I'd be happy to meet up!
> --
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>> Eugene Mini Makerfaire is quickly approaching.  The deadline for
>> submissions is May 16.  Has EMS filled out an application and been working
>> on this?  Usually I am the one working with Nick on getting the EMS booth
>> organized but I have been somewhat out of the loop since I left the board
>> this last December.  I fully intend to be at the event this year one way
>> or
>> the other but I wanted to make sure EMS does not miss out as we usually
>> get
>> a large booth and there's lots of potential for exposure.
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