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Benjamin Hallert ben at vipmail.com
Tue Jun 24 10:16:25 PDT 2014

Another way to do that if it's too big for Craig's equipment is with my Silhouette diecutter. I think you can use it to cut a vinyl or pattern, 3M 77 glue it or stick it to the acrylic, then sandblast or chemically etch the exposed space.

I haven't actually done this personally, but we can totally give it a shot if you want me to bring it into the shop.
- Ben

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 9:52 AM, Craig Godwin <craig at godwinlabs.com>

> I have both a CNC router and laser cutter that would do the trick.  I've 
> been working a lot with acrylic recently - almost on a daily basis.  My 
> laser software only does raster, so it works well with very detailed 
> patterns, but doesn't do great with cutting.  The laser usually gives 
> better results than the CNC but it depends on what you are doing.  I've 
> learned a few tricks over the last few months, so we can look at what 
> you are trying to do and figure out the best approach.  How big is the 
> part?  My laser maxes out somewhere around 8" x 12", but the CNC can 
> handle larger - 16" x 28" or even bigger depending on the layout.
> Let me know, and we can try something over the next few days.
> I've got extremely limited bandwidth, but both the laser and CNC router 
> could be available occasionally for EMS member projects. They are a pain 
> to transport (especially the CNC router), but I might drag one or the 
> other to the EMS shop at some point for a special event.
> Craig
> On 6/24/2014 9:32 AM, Rick Osgood wrote:
>> I'm looking to engrave a sheet of acrylic. I know you can do this with 
>> a laser cutter, and likely a milling machine. The pattern I'm working 
>> with is very intricate so doing it by hand with a Dremel tool is out 
>> of the question for me. I would likely need some kind of CNC machine.
>> Does anyone have access to a laser or CNC that can help me out? I'd be 
>> willing to pay assuming it's not too expensive. I'm looking for a 
>> really fast turn around time (by Friday...) if possible.
>> Thanks,
>> Rick
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