[EMS Discuss] FirefoxOS phones

Sam Foster sam at sneetchworks.com
Tue Jun 24 20:13:11 PDT 2014

The "Flame" phones are back on sale: 
This is the reference phone that mozilla and the firefoxOS devs are 
going to be developing to primarily. Note this is *not* the $25 
smartphone you might have read about. Its retailing for $170, it has 
some medium-end smartphone features e.g. front/back camera, dual-sim, 
but also software-configurable RAM for testing lower-spec experiences.

 From a hackers-point of view I think this (and firefoxOS generally) is 
an interesting development. Its an open-source OS, the phone is 
unlocked, rooted and fully hackable; there's no walled-gardens or 3rd 
parties dictating what you can and can't do with it. Its a pocket 
computer with a working shell which can make phone calls. I'm working on 
the user-interface side of things (written exclusively in javascript, 
CSS and HTML), but if you want to want to poke around it at any level 
let me know.

More details: 


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