[EMS Discuss] Staffing "our" booth at the Oregon Country Fair

Mr. Clif clif at eugeneweb.com
Fri Jun 27 17:40:47 PDT 2014


So this is starting to shape up. Lets see...

Sam can be there for a couple of hours on Saturday
We have Jen who will take one or two day passes on Friday and or 
Sunday... Or does she have a camping pass?
Darrell who has a camping pass and will fill in here and there.
Jeff from Albany who will put in like 5 hours a day, even though he is 
not a member. He will also bring his robot to show off.
Also Michale will donate some time, and maybe Fabian too.

Does anyone want to help work out a schedule? I believe the Fair Family 
news has the performance schedule so you should have enough info to 
choose your hours.

Hey Darrell, how many fliers do we have? Do we need to print some more? 
Another idea is we could add some new photos to our EMS gallery and have 
a running slide show on a laptop.

     (From Clif out at the fair... :-)

On 06/25/2014 08:41 AM, Mark Danburg-Wyld wrote:
> Jen says she can take a shift Friday and/or Sunday. Thanks,
> On May 5, 2014 1:40 PM, "Mr. Clif" <clif at eugeneweb.com 
> <mailto:clif at eugeneweb.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Gang,
>     Well in a few months the fair will be here and nows a good time to
>     start planing our presence there.
>     Who wants to take shifts to staff the booth? Free day passes are
>     included.
>         Ciao! :-)
>         Clif
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