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Darrell Perko dperko at efn.org
Sun Mar 2 13:47:03 PST 2014

I second that; yes please!  Mine runs into the multiple Gigabytes, so 
we'll have to do a physical handoff.  I'll put it on a thumb drive.

Picture quality is very nice and the sound isn't half bad.  Sadly there 
is an arbitrary 29 minute limit to video length regardless of room on 
the card or quality settings.  So there are three brief breaks while I 
reset the video and/or changed the battery.  Sadly, we did not arrange a 
signal so the presenters would pause for these.  The angle is pretty 
good, however.


On 3/2/2014 1:32 PM, Mark Danburg-Wyld wrote:
> I will take you up on that offer! Darrell has half, I've got half. 
> I'll figure out how to put it somewhere and email you a link... Thanks 
> Rick!
> On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 1:29 PM, Rick Osgood <rick at richardosgood.com 
> <mailto:rick at richardosgood.com>> wrote:
>     I can edit the video if you like. I'd like to watch it anyway.
>     Sorry I didn't make it down.
>     On Mar 2, 2014 12:59 PM, "Mark Danburg-Wyld"
>     <danburgwyld at gmail.com <mailto:danburgwyld at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         Mission accomplished! We had a couple of dozen people show up
>         for the talk, and five very informative panelists. I got
>         several compliments afterwards from attendees, everyone seems
>         to have enjoyed it and learned a good deal. Hopefully some of
>         that will turn into additional people visiting the space in
>         the coming weeks as well.
>         Special thanks to James and Bob for printing up a bunch of EMS
>         fobs to hand out, to Clif for AV help, to Darrell for running
>         the video cameras, and most especially to Craig and Piotr for
>         being on the panel.
>         We'll be figuring out how to splice the film together and get
>         something to post on EMS's youtube channel in the near-ish future.
>         Thanks,
>         Mark
>         On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Mark Danburg-Wyld
>         <danburgwyld at gmail.com <mailto:danburgwyld at gmail.com>> wrote:
>             I know, I send a lot of emails about this. Hey! Hey!
>             Kickstarter Panel Discussion is UNDER A MONTH AWAY! March
>             2, 10-11:30am, at the downtown library!
>             And I need help! (keep your snide comments to yourself! or
>             not, if they're amusing enough...)
>             Specifically, help in advertising the event. If you are
>             part of a Eugene-centric email distribution list or online
>             forum (other than this one) which would be an appropriate
>             venue to publish info about the event, would you *please*
>             push the event there? I'm asking early-ish in case your
>             possible venue only publishes once a month or something.
>             Also specifically, I need help in running the event. I
>             would like to have a table set at the door with fliers
>             about EMS or whatever other collateral we can come up with
>             and a person or two to shake hands and talk to attendees
>             about us.
>             I would also love to have someone record the event -
>             either video or just audio - for us to publish online
>             afterwards. Photos? Sure, that's be great too!
>             And finally, I've got the room for 30 minutes prior/post
>             the scheduled time. There's not a lot to do for
>             set-up/tear down, but a few extra hands helping would be
>             appreciated.
>             Let me know if you can help out with any of the above.
>             Thanks!
>             Mark
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