[EMS Discuss] EMS Video "commercial"?

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Wed Mar 5 11:59:56 PST 2014

We have discussed in the past the need to find a way to express to others
what EMS is and how it will benefit them to become a member.  It's
difficult to put in to words and the answer might be different for
different people as we all have different needs.

I just had an idea that it might be fun to make an EMS video "commercial".
 I am thinking it should be 1-2 minutes in length and showcase all of the
best reasons why you should join EMS.  Things like Learning, Teaching,
Making, Hacking, Hanging out, and in general improving your quality of life
through fun and community.

I think it would be great to put this video on our main website so people
instantly see what EMS has to offer them in a way that is flashy and
intriguing.  The hope is to build something that will make people want to
come down to EMS and make them feel like signing up will help them and
improve their life in some way.

Even when a newcomer drops by on an Open Hack night, it can be difficult to
explain to them how a room full of tools can enrich their lives.  If we can
show members working together (or alone) on various fun projects in the
space, and perhaps talking about the project very briefly, then it may give
people ideas about how they can use the space.

Along with this idea, I'd like to update the EMS website main page image
slider to include more photos of members having a good time at the space.
 The photo on there of Team LEO tensioning their launcher is a perfect
example.  The other pumpkin photo looks cool but in my opinion it doesn't
do anything to express who we are.  Let's add several more photos of member
projects and people hanging out on Open Hack Nights so viewers are aware
that we actually do things and they can have fun with us.  These will be
front and center on the main page, showing new people exactly what they can
and should do with an EMS membership.

Thoughts? Comments?
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