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Mr. Clif clif at eugeneweb.com
Wed Mar 5 15:32:14 PST 2014

Yes I like this idea, there is a need for guided projects. It would give 
our space a more warm and fuzzy vibe. :-)


On 03/05/2014 02:29 PM, Marie Slatton-Valle wrote:
> Great idea Rick!  The EMS website would greatly benefit from a short 
> video showing who and what we are.  Updated front page pictures are 
> also definitely needed.  I've been meaning to update them with some 
> photos from the gallery but haven't had time.  More recent photos 
> would be even better!!  Also, who is managing the fb page? I haven't 
> seen any posts recently.  I'm also curious to see if having our logo 
> on the back of the Trek Theatre playbills has helped increase our 
> spacebook presence.
> One way I think we can create an "*EMS experience*" is by offering a 
> structured and focused Open Hack Night.  As an illustration, let's 
> say, EMS focuses on Woodworking for one Open Hack Night a month.  We 
> still have the social structure and also provide guidance for a *small 
> group project* that someone could finish in that time using our 
> equipment and donated supplies.  Having a focused night makes it 
> easier to use equipment that otherwise couldn't be used simultaneously 
> in our cozy space, as well as *shows *future and current members what 
> can be accomplished as a member, and further allows them to *interact 
> *with the space.
> On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 11:59 AM, Rick Osgood <rick at richardosgood.com 
> <mailto:rick at richardosgood.com>> wrote:
>     We have discussed in the past the need to find a way to express to
>     others what EMS is and how it will benefit them to become a
>     member.  It's difficult to put in to words and the answer might be
>     different for different people as we all have different needs.
>     I just had an idea that it might be fun to make an EMS video
>     "commercial".  I am thinking it should be 1-2 minutes in length
>     and showcase all of the best reasons why you should join EMS.
>      Things like Learning, Teaching, Making, Hacking, Hanging out, and
>     in general improving your quality of life through fun and community.
>     I think it would be great to put this video on our main website so
>     people instantly see what EMS has to offer them in a way that is
>     flashy and intriguing.  The hope is to build something that will
>     make people want to come down to EMS and make them feel like
>     signing up will help them and improve their life in some way.
>     Even when a newcomer drops by on an Open Hack night, it can be
>     difficult to explain to them how a room full of tools can enrich
>     their lives.  If we can show members working together (or alone)
>     on various fun projects in the space, and perhaps talking about
>     the project very briefly, then it may give people ideas about how
>     they can use the space.
>     Along with this idea, I'd like to update the EMS website main page
>     image slider to include more photos of members having a good time
>     at the space.  The photo on there of Team LEO tensioning their
>     launcher is a perfect example.  The other pumpkin photo looks cool
>     but in my opinion it doesn't do anything to express who we are.
>      Let's add several more photos of member projects and people
>     hanging out on Open Hack Nights so viewers are aware that we
>     actually do things and they can have fun with us.  These will be
>     front and center on the main page, showing new people exactly what
>     they can and should do with an EMS membership.
>     Thoughts? Comments?
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