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Eric Harvey swimleft at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 16:36:07 PST 2014

Good Evening EMS members,

The conversation that just cropped up is exactly why I am working on Swim
Left Labs. Access to cnc equipment wildly increases the capabilities of a
space and such equipment is critical for almost any project with commercial
potential. Also, steel is awesome and working with steel is even more

However, I recognize that for people who do not want/need this equipment
they do not want to pay the increased cost of a membership that reflects
such increased capabilities. Providing cnc equipment requires at least a
path to certification on the equipment and on site staff to supervise
general during open shop hours. Additionally, it requires capital.

This is exactly why I have been trying to reach out the EMS. I can sign on
the lease for a 2500 sqft space, provide cnc equipment and staff the space
(me). By partnering, EMS can mitigate almost every risk I have seen
discussed in this lengthy email chain. For me, I can offset my cost of
providing common space. In my mind a partnership would look something like:

Swim Left Labs  : 1100 sqft dedicated
EMS                   : 800  sqft dedicated
Common Space : 600  sqft shared

Notably, Swim Left Labs would be the lessee and EMS would simply be a
member of Swim Left Labs. Swim Left Labs will have more manufacturing
capabilities and a higher price tag for access to such capabilities. Such
an arrangement gives a lot of flexibility to both EMS and Swim Left Labs as
a whole.

My only condition is that I am not interested on wavering on such a
partnership for months. You folks know your organization and what you want
out of it. I know what I want with Swim Left Labs and I am going to pursue
that. However, there is a lot of middle ground and it is a waste to have 2
competing spaces in town. I am going to make myself available this weekend
to meet with anyone and everyone at EMS who is interested in partnering.

Feel free to call me on my cell phone: 303-887-5015.


Eric Harvey
President | Swim Left Products, LLC
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