[EMS Discuss] Mini Maker Faire update

Nick Spicher sfeducation at sciencefactory.org
Wed Mar 19 16:30:14 PDT 2014

*Hello, EMS!*

Just a friendly reminder that the Eugene Mini Maker Faire is coming up on
Saturday, June 7! Here are ways that you can help make the event a success:

   - If you are working on a project of your own that you'd like to exhibit
   separately from EMS, please fill out our maker application, available at
   - If you'd like to contribute to EMS's section of the Faire, it's not
   too early to start thinking about what activities and displays you'd like
   to bring (and to let me know about space or power needs... looking at you,
   Team LEO...)
   - Please, please, PLEASE tell *every* maker or potential maker you know
   about the Faire! We had 16 amazing booths last year, and I'm aiming for
   over 20 this year. The application is available at eugenemakerfaire.com.
   We also have a flyer available at http://tinyurl.com/emmfcall2014  Print
   a bunch of them out and post them anywhere you think a maker might be
   lurking, or if you'd like copies directly from me, drop me an e-mail and
   I'll be happy to get them to you.
   - You can also help on the social media side of things by pointing to
   our blog and our Facebook page. I've just created a Facebook "event" so
   that you can already tell people that you'll be attending and invite your
   - E-mail me if you're interested in helping out in other ways, such as
   contributing to the blog or approaching potential sponsors.

Thanks, everyone! As always, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any

BTW, is anyone going to San Mateo this year? Because I finally am!:D


Nick Spicher, Education Director
Science Factory Children's Museum and Exploration Dome
541-682-7892 / sfeducation at sciencefactory.org
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