[EMS Discuss] Makerspace Improvement day!

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Mon Mar 24 18:07:39 PDT 2014

*TL;DR: Let's meet this Saturday at 10:00AM to make more improvements to
(We met at 1:00PM the last couple of times but I moved it to earlier this
time so we can all enjoy the hopefully beautiful weather)

Last month a bunch of us got together to make improvements to EMS.  This

1. Moving the refrigerators out of the shop
2. Mounting the router table to a rolling platform to keep it usable but
3. Mounting shelves for the networking gear
4. Getting rid of some junk from the pick-a-part
5. Recycled the PDU from the old server rack
6. Sweeping/General clean up.
7. And much much more!

The space has been looking great ever since we've starting doing these
monthly meetups.  So let's keep this train a-movin' and meet up this *Saturday
at 10:00AM *to make even more improvements!

 Here are some ideas of things we can work on:

- Sweep/Vacuum/straighten up any neglected areas
- Prepare the AV cabinet for use with a projector
- Make a plan to organize the member storage area in accordance to the EMS
storage policy
- Go through the pick-a-part area and organize it, maybe recycle things we
don't want.
- What else???

I'm sure there are other things we can do as well, but this is a good list
of things to get us started.  if you plan on attending, please reply to
this thread so we'll have a general idea of how many people will be showing
up.  If you don't reply, please feel free to show up anyway as we can
always use more hands.
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