[EMS Discuss] Sewing Machine now at EMS!!

Marie Slatton-Valle sparkleglitterglow at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 15:57:34 PDT 2014

*Eugene Maker Space now has a home sewing machine and some sewing tools!!*

Interested in learning how to use the sewing machine or in need of a
Thread tension can be tricky and I want to make sure everyone has a solid
understanding of the machine's operation for a stress-free sewing
experience. Send me an email or contact me (text preferably) at
541-525-0242, and we can arrange a time to meet up at the shop and go over
the machine, it's set-up and operation.

The machine (a Brother
currently lives on the brown cabinet next to the computer in the main shop
area along with a container of thread, an ironing board, and a plastic
shoebox of sewing notions (i.e., tape measures, rotary cutters, hand sewing
and machine needles, pins and pin cushions, etc.).

There is also a binder labeled EMS sewing which has a quick set up guide
for the machine, guidelines for usage, a page of some handy sewing tips for
machine and by hand, and my contact info.  If you need scissors there is a
pair in the craft drawer under the sewing machine.  I'll be bringing some
fabric, buttons, snaps and other fun things for shop users to play with and
storing those in the rolling storage container near the machine.  Feel free
to add items to the sewing/textiles tools and supplies.

Tools the sewing area needs:

   - Cutting mat(s), large
   - iron w/steam setting
   - scissors (to be used for fabric only)
   - sewing machine needles (universal 10 or 12 and 14)
   - blades for the rotary cutters (45mm)
   - pinking sheers
   - serger
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