Eugene Maker Space relies on your support to grow!  Membership is one way to show you believe in our mission and like what we have to offer. We also need volunteers to lead workshops, represent EMS at community events, and work on member led projects. We are happy to accept donations of gently used and new equipment, as well as, financial contributions. Your continued support helps EMS reach our goals faster and allows us to better meet the needs of a growing community of makers.


Eugene Maker Space has 501(c)3 sponsorship through the School Factory which means your donations can be tax exempt! We gladly accept donations of new and gently used tools and equipment. Please email the board and we can provide you with a donation receipt for the fair market value of the items donated.

To donate money, please select one of the Paypal options below or contact a board member to donate funds by cash or check.  Your donations are greatly appreciated!

One-time tax exempt donation

Use the button below to make a one-time tax exempt donation.  This donation will go to our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor, the School Factory.  They will then process the funds as required by law and direct them back to us.


Sign up for a monthly recurring pledge to EMS with the button below.  Please note that this pledge is not tax-exempt. Pledges start at $5 a month.  You can cancel your subscription at any time through Paypal.  Please contact the board for assistance if you have trouble cancelling your subscription.


Interested in teaching a class?

Eugene Maker Space is on the lookout for mentors and instructors from the Eugene/Springfield area to lead in-house classes and workshops as well as educational outreach events throughout the community. Contact the board for more information.