(In no particular order, see Navigation for how we might present, link and organize them) Status: merely my (Sam's) proposal. Edit at will.

Updated status: Updates to website by Marie, read below for changes and comments.


  • EMS in a nutshell - keep it brief and visual. [photo slider added, images currently need resizing]
  • Call out how to find us, contact us, upcoming events [info can currently be found on top and side bar navigation]
  • Recent posts list [need to create "front page" category to highlight blogs, especially ones with pictures]

About Us

  • Brief mission statement, concise description of the space and organization, what we offer [brief description rewritten, please review/discuss/revise if needed]
  • EMS in the press, event write ups, etc. "testimonials"
  • Cross-link contact/find us details [cross-linking in progress]
  • Press/Media Resources
  • About the space: resources, equipment, logistics
  • (call to action - how to find out more, get involved, help out) [included in subsection "Membership & Events", draft in progress]
  • Visit us subsection containing address, map and contact info

Contact [contact form added under about us menu]

  • twitter, facebook, g+, IRC, [top bar and community subsection]
  • Mailing list, [community subsection]
  • phone, board email, [about us menu in visit us subsection, contact board crosslinked liberally throughout entire website]
  • space address, [top bar and about us menu in visit us subsection]
  • maps and directions [need improved directions]

Get Involved

  • Membership details - levels of membership, how to join [membership description rewritten, please review/discuss/revise if needed]
  • Join our community. Sign up for newletter, join active discussion in the mailing list, drop by on one of our open hack nights [community subsection created]
  • Open hack nights [info crosslinked or in progress]
  • (call to action - how to join, sign up for newsletter, check upcoming events) [info crosslinked or in progress]

Support Us/Help Wanted (under Get Involved?)

  • How can you help EMS?
  • Mentors wanted: classes, informal instruction [Educate menu - call out for local instructors]
  • Volunteering: tasks we would appreciate help with
  • Stuff: donating unwanted tools, materials, devices: what we like, (and where to take stuff we dont want), who and how to contact us regarding donations [Donate section rewritten, please review/discuss/revise. Our wish list needs updating]
  • Paypal, tipjoy etc. donations [section rewritten]
  • Amazon affiliate? Other referral schemes
  • Sponsorship opportunities: Funding drives for x, y, z
  • "Friend of EMS" donor (for one-off and regular donations)

Friends of EMS (possibly under About Us)

  • List out sponsors, any preferred vendors, partner/sister organizations like Mecca, Thinkersmith, Science Factory
  • (call to action - how to get yourself listed here - link to contact/sponsorship page)
  • (also plug the newsletter for people that might want to consider sponsoring us later)

Blog (what to call this, its EMS news, projects, announcements, etc.)

  • Chronological listing of posts, truncated with permalinks to full post [posts truncated]
  • Categories/tags [some categories have been created, need tags]
  • Galleries/Youtube etc. links


We should have a persistent top navigation bar that is present on all pages, as well as a footer bar for meta info, login and other member and admin links

Status: merely my (Sam's) proposal. Edit at will. Names/labels are WIP and placeholder. We can bike-shed about this at our leisure. Note that we should try and keep existing URLs mapping to an equivalent page where it makes sense - the actual URLs should change rarely and only when necessary.

Top, Global Navigation
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Get Involved
  • Support EMS
  • Blog
We might want to do a tooltip or sub-navigation thing to help people discover sub-sections and pages. Also, lets cross-link liberally in the text of each page where appropriate.


  • Copyright info [included]
  • Social links, Newsletter signup [social links are at top bar]
  • Contact Us - once more for the hell of it
  • Login, Site Admin Links (conditional on login) [currently on sidebar]

Contextual Navigation

Some pages will need a block of contextual links in a sidebar. For the blog it will be categories and recent/related posts. Where we've broken out a page/topic into sub-pages, we'll list and link those. Note that wordpress might struggle to deal with one page being a sub-page of more than one other page.. so perhaps a related-to relationship is a better way of modelling it. Or we could have "sub-pages" and "related pages" in a sidebar.
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