Difference: EventCheckList (r2 vs. r1)

Event Check List

Name the Event

What is a creative name for the event? Try to avoid ones like open house and membership drive.

Pick a Day

Use this search list to plan for a day free of other big events.

Plan Activities

Some possibilities are:

  • A selection of kits with some supervision.
    • Rocket Launches.
    • Robot Races.
  • Wall O video
    • EMS advertisements?
  • Talks?
  • A better Raffle!
  • Sell some Merchandise
    • Kits
    • Tee-Shirts, Lab coats Beanies?

Call for Makers and Presenters

Send announcements to our members and friends for presenters.


Assign Tasks

  • Organizing Makers
  • Shop Cleanup
  • Bringing Snacks
  • Restocking Sign-up forms, and fliers.
    • Organizing announcement board
    • Placing donation box
  • Greeter coordinator


Greeters should have assigned shifts to meet and greet people as they show up. They need a script with bullet points to introduce them to EMS and answer questions.

They should try to encourage membership sign-ups.


Shop cleanup two days before, and after the event.

-- ClifCox - 08 Mar 2013

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