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Eugene Maker Social: Toy Night

The first Eugene Maker Social was a big success, so we’re making it a regular event.  The second one is scheduled for April 9th at North Bank.  Come join us, hang out, eat, drink.  This time, let’s all bring something we made and show it off.

Eugene Maker Social
Thursday, April 9th, 6:00 PM
McMenamin’s North Bank
25 Club Rd.

See you there!

Eugene Maker Faire: Call for Makers

It’s time to get ready for Eugene Maker Faire. We have just four short months to get our projects ready for show ‘n’ tell.

Eugene Maker Space will be a big contributor to the Faire this year, as always. There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

Eugene Maker Faire
June 13th, 2015
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
The Science Factory
2300 Leo Harris Pkwy.
Eugene, OR

Now with More Filaments!

Four spoolers, no waiting!
Four spoolers, no waiting!

Last night, Austin and Bob built a filament holder for our 3D printing station. It holds four spools of filament at the ready, and it is expandable to six spools.

Rick’s MakerBot is directly under the spools. Mark’s PrintrBot is offscreen to the right. Many thanks to Rick and Mark for making these printers available to our members.

Austin checks his lathe work.
Austin checks his lathe work.

Open Hack Night Was Busy Tonight.

Group Photo
Eight makers making

Open Hack Night was busy tonight. I did not catch what everyone was doing. I did catch that Michelle was gluing together a puzzle box, Ben and Kassie were installing Raspbian on their new Raspberry Pis, Celeste was prototyping an LED-illuminated yo-yo kit for girls to make, Taper was wiring up a circuit to drive some Nixie Tubes (?) from an Arduino, Austin was printing a plastic fan guard and then a special-purpose Wii holder on the MakerBot, and I was making the wiring harness for my laser cutter project.

We’ve been getting really good turnouts at Open Hack Night lately. It must be the lovely weather. (-: