Bob’s Laser Cutter, part 4

Lid Open

Today I worked on my laser cutter project.  I built the top cover and installed it along with a stop and a switch, then I fabricated a plate for the electronics.

This little guy stops the door just past vertical.  I printed it on Rick’s Makerbot.

Tilt Stop

This switch will detect when the door is open and shut off the laser.  Also from Rick’s Makerbot.

Door Switch


I put a stack of washers under the door hinge.  When I install the skin, it will be about as thick as those washers.


After the door was done, I fabricated an aluminum plate to support the electronics.  I cut it on the table saw and drilled it in the small drill press.


Then Darrell and I looked at different ways to arrange the electronics on that plate.  This is one arrangement.  (The silver Christmas bow represents a power distribution block.)  For more about my layout quandary, see this post on


Oh, and I found out I’d left out one rail when I built the chassis back in September.  It was the piece you see here just above the power supply.  Now I’ve used up all the long pieces of Misumi rail, so I can repack my parts into smaller boxes that will fit into the car better.  Yay!

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