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Eugene Maker Faire: Call for Makers

It’s time to get ready for Eugene Maker Faire. We have just four short months to get our projects ready for show ‘n’ tell.

Eugene Maker Space will be a big contributor to the Faire this year, as always. There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

Eugene Maker Faire
June 13th, 2015
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
The Science Factory
2300 Leo Harris Pkwy.
Eugene, OR

MakesGiving: Fall Project Expo

Vacuum FormerEugene Maker Space Invites You to Visit
MakesGiving: Fall Project Expo

Our Semi-Annual Show & Tell/Open House

When: Saturday November 15, 2014 at 11:00 to 4:00
Where: 687 McKinley Street, Suite #2

Come see what we’re building now:
Laser Cutters! Vacuum Tables! 3D Printers! Segways and More!

Second Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ Competition!


Team Kerbals

We are pleased to announce the second annual Eugene Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition! The competition is put together by Eugene Maker Space and hosted by The Science Factory. If you didn’t make it to last year’s contest, you missed some amazing contraptions and some pretty incredible pumpkin launches. Just watch the video below to get an idea of what you might see at the event.

Where and When?

Where: The Science Factory front yard
Date: Sunday – November 2, 2014
Time: 12:00PM to whenever it ends!

Launch Zone
You can see the launch zone in the below picture. Contestants will launch from the blue firing line aiming down range to the east. The first red box is the primary launch zone. “The Great Beyond” is further down range and will remain clear in case any contestants are capable of building launchers that can actually chunk that far. Last year we had several launches that successfully reached The Great Beyond!


Launch Zone

How to Enter

You do not need to be a member of Eugene Maker Space in order to compete. Everyone is free to enter the competition. If you would like to sign up to compete, please email with your team name and the names of your team members. Also include which class you intend to compete in. It is also highly encouraged (but not required) that you email the EMS Discussion list and announce your intention to enter the competition!

The Rules

This year we will have two classes of chunker. The first class is the “Pumpkin class”. The rules will be the same as last year and are posted below. The second class is the “Apple class”. This class is specifically for smaller machines that will throw apples instead of pumpkins. The intent with the Apple class is to lower the barrier to entry and allow people to particpate while building smaller, less expensive, and less dangerous machines.


  1. No compressed air/compressed gas devices
  2. No explosives.
  3. Teams must release all energy from their launchers until it is their turn.

Contest Rules

  1. You may sign up as an individual or as a team.
  2. Machines must not cross the firing line.
  3. Machines must be ready to fire within 5 minutes.
  4. Each team will get three launches.
  5. If a team loses a projectile after launch they may get an one extra try if the team has a backup projectile ready to go.
  6. Teams provide their own pumpkins.
  7. rojectiles must remain intact until they hit the ground.
  8. Projectiles cannot be modified (except for painting).
  9. Teams may paint their projectiles for decoration.
  10. Teams may enter the exact same chunker from a previous competition if they so desire.
  11. Team members may be a part of multiple teams if all teams are OK with it.

Pumpkin Class Specific Rules

  1. Pumpkins must weigh between 1lbs and 5lbs.

Apple Class Specific Rules

  1. You can use any apples you like.

How to win
To win the competition you just need to chunk your punkin’ farther than the other teams. That’s it! There will be three heats. Whichever team gets the furthest launched pumpkin out of all three heats will be declared the champions.

Eugene Mini Maker Faire 2014


The Science Factory hosted the third annual Eugene Mini Maker Faire on June 7, 2014. Eugene Maker Space was there again making bracelets and soft circuits, as well as teaching people to solder. We also brought a bunch of member projects to show off. Team Low Earth Orbit setup their winning punkin’ chunker and launched a few cabbages throughout the day, to much applause. There were also a bunch of other great exhibits.

EMS Kickstarter Panel Video

On March 2, 2014 Eugene Maker Space held a Kickstarter Q&A panel. Four panelists had successfully funded Kickstarter projects and one panelist ultimately decided Kickstarter was not the right solution. Watch the video to learn more about their experiences with Kickstarter! I edited this video together for EMS using their footage.


Craig Godwin.

Garrett Loveall.

Noelle Dass.

Piotr Esden-Tempski

Tim O’Donnell.

EMS Kickstarter Panel at the Downtown Library

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, the world’s most popular platform for crowdfunding projects. EMS member, Mark Danburg-Wyld, first heard of it a couple of years ago, but didn’t back a campaign until a few months back. Here’s what Mark had to say about his experience:

“It was so easy – when I opened the site, on the landing page, there was a campaign from a local artist I enjoy. By chance, the campaign was exactly one $35 pledge short of reaching it’s goal. Well, no-brainer – I backed it. They logged me in via Facebook – no new forms to fill out there. Then took me to Amazon for payment information – again, an entity that already had my information. I went from novice to a backer in about 2 minutes. And, a few weeks later, I got my reward exactly on schedule – which turns out isn’t necessarily common.”

Mark further discovered that Eugene, being a relatively small town, punches above its weight when it comes to successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns. From the town’s first successful campaign (Wanted: Crohn’s End, funded 12/8/2010) through the end of 2013, there have been 90 fully funded campaigns based out of Eugene, which between them have raised over 1.3 million dollars! One blockbuster (Two Guys SpaceVenture) accounted for over half a million pledges alone. Eugene seems to have a better than average funding rate, too – 46% of the Eugene campaigns through the end of 2013 were funded, versus an average for Kickstarter overall of 42%.

Eugene Maker Space decided to invite some of this local talent to share their Kickstarter experiences. On Sunday, March 2, 2014 EMS is hosting a Kickstarter panel discussion at the downtown library, from 10:00 to 11:30. We have five guest speakers who have volunteered to tell their stories. In alphabetical order, they are:

Craig Godwin. Craig is a EMS member, launching his Kickstarter in March of 2014, for Light Dance, a device which synchronizes lights with music for both consumers and professionals.
Garrett Loveall. Garrett’s Kickstarter funded in August of 2013, July Nine provides a cloth bag for grocery shopping (or whatever else) that rolls up into a very tight package for easy transport.
Noelle Dass. Noelle is a local artist, often found at Saturday Market, and online at Her Kickstarter funded in September of 2012, and produced a line of t-shirts with her whimsical artwork.
Stephanie Widner. Stephanie ran 3 (!) successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2013, each producing a different one of her resin fantasy toys. Her website is Spark Costumes, where she showcases a variety of costumes.
Tim O’Donnell. Tim’s Kickstarter funded in July 2013, and allowed Camerosity Improv to launch a new show, celebrating the technology of the past.

If you are curious about crowdfunding, and want to learn more about particular tips and tricks to running a successful campaign on Kickstarter in particular, this is an event you will want to attend. It promises to be a lively and enlightening discussion. We hope to see you there!

Many special thanks to EMS member, Mark Danburg-Wyld, for organizing this event!!

Punkin’ Chunkin’ Results

Pumpkin Chunks

On November 23, 2013, Eugene Maker Space held its first ever punkin’ chunkin’ competition at The Science Factory!  It was such a fun event with a fantastic turn out.  We had five teams enter the pumpkin chunking contest, with a 6th last minute entry.  The last entry was a much smaller machine that threw apples instead of pumpkins.  This machine was measured but competed in it’s own “apple class”.  It was much smaller than the other chunkers but it was no less impressive, as the results will surely demonstrate.  All of the teams put a lot of effort into their machines and it was fantastic to see the different types of machines.  There were three trebuchets, a mangonel, and a three armed slingshot.  They all performed fantastically.

The competition had three heats.  Each team got to fire their chunkers one time per heat.  The furthest distance out of all three heats was the one that was counted for the contest results.


Pumpkin Class

  1. Team Low Earth Orbit – 380 Feet
  2. Team Shanker Free Crankers – 233 Feet
  3. Team F=MA – 74 Feet
  4. Team Kerbalnauts – 70 Feet
  5. Team C-Pepo Propulsion – 57 Feet

Apple Class

  1. Team Waffles – 376 Feet


Thank you

Thank you so much to all the teams!  Without you this would not have been so much fun.  Another thank you to The Science Factory for hosting the event.  And yet another thank you to everyone that volunteered to help out with the event.  It wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without you.



Team Low Earth Orbit
Team Low Earth Orbit


Team Shanker Free Crankers
Team Shanker Free Crankers


Team FMA
Team FMA
Team Kerbalnauts
Team Kerbalnauts
Team C-Pepo Propulsion
Team C-Pepo Propulsion
Team Waffles
Team Waffles

For more photos, check out the following links!

One Week Until Punkin’ Chunkin’!


Where does the time go?  There is now only one week left until Eugene Maker Space’s very first Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition!  There are currently four teams entered into the competition.  Here is the official list:

  • Shanker Free Crankers
  • Low Earth Orbit
  • Kerbalnauts
  • CPepo – Propulsion

Teams have decided to keep their designs secret up to this point so it’s anyone’s guess as to which team will be crowned the champions this year.  Either way we are all going to have a ton of fun!

Come to the event!

Help make this event a smash hit!  Even if you are not participating, please join us at the competition and show support for your local makerspace and makers.  Bring your whole family for an afternoon of pumpkin launching shenanigans.  It’s going to be a fun time.

Where: The Science Factory front yard
Day: Saturday, November 23rd
Time: 11:00am to 4:00pm (or whenever we are finished!)


We look forward to seeing you there!