Coronavirus Response

Updated 11/16/2020

Due to COVID-19, we have been forced to adapt to a lot of challenges as an organization. Hardest hit by this, has been our traditional twice-a-week “Open Hack” nights, the evenings when we open the shop to the public free of charge. For much of this year (when we’ve been allowed to operate by state rules) we’ve been operating on a more limited once-per-week schedule.

Unfortunately, due to climbing Covid infection rates, state authorities have issued a two-week ‘freeze’ order, which requires us to suspend the Open Hack nights again.

Open Hack nights are cancelled for the period between November 18 thru December 2.

While we are required to shut down out ‘open to the public’ nights, we will endeavor to keep our shop open to our members. With the following expectations.

Rules for member access:

1. Wear a suitable cloth or manufactured dust or medical mask made of proper filtration material that covers the mouth AND nose at all times.   We have a small supply available for those who are unable to bring their own from home.

2. If you need to eat, eat outside please. We are not a restaurant, and if we were, restaurants are closed to indoor dining. Keep your mask on at all times while in the shop.

3. Maximum occupancy of the shop is now 6 persons total, from two households maximum. Please consider leaving friends and family members at home. The next two weeks is simply not the time to hang out socially at the shop, or to bring a friend to show them around.

This is NOT a set of rules we enjoy presenting to you, but we want to try and keep the shop from closing down completely. Please don’t make this job harder. We want everyone to stay healthy and safe, so maybe for the next couple of weeks, just stay home.

Prospective members – If you’ve been wanting to join but haven’t yet, we remain able to facilitate that process online. Click this link to begin the signup process.. and if you’ve already set up a key account but need to activate it, you can do that at Patreon.

We know that this is a difficult and sometimes lonely time for everyone, and we are looking for ways to utilize online tools to bring our community together during this time. We’ve discussed the idea of using tools like Jitsi, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and so on, to do online ‘open hack’ gatherings.. and of course we have our Slack chatroom which anyone can join!

To keep up to date on the latest news and advice regarding best health practices, visit Lane County Public Health’s Coronavirus Information Hub .