Key Points
  • Wearing masks is optional, but bring a mask with you!
  • If another member asks you to mask up, please do so.
  • If you’re unable to do so, take a break ’til they’re done.

Updated March 13. 2022

On March 12, 2022, Oregon state officials, working in conjunction with officials from California and Washington state, lifted Oregon’s longstanding mask mandate.

While it’s certainly nice to ‘be able’ to allow the removal of masks, the statistical numbers show that the health crisis is likely far from over. It’s hard to forget the brief lifting of restrictions last summer that so quickly ended as Delta spiked.

Science and health professionals continue to urge the public to maintain masking, social distancing, etc; in spite of the lifting of governmental restrictions.

The EMS Board of Directors has given long and difficult thought to how we, as an organization, both should and must proceed. The realities of science and medical advice must also be balanced against both the expectations and concerns of our members

New Mask Policy – “It’s okay to ask”

We all know there are members of our community who are not ready for full exposure. And many of us may have respiratory, auto-immune, and other health concerns that can make continuing to wear a mask, or even asking others to wear them, a fact of life.

In order to support those members in their use of the space, and to begin to knit our community together again through cooperation and compromise, what we ask is as follows.

  1. Please bring a covid-suitable mask with you, or keep one in your box at the shop.
  2. If another member asks you if you’d be willing to put on a mask while they’re present, we ask that you do so.This issue has become highly charged, so please do what you can to make it easy for anyone taking the emotional step of asking.
  3. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask in these cases, we suggest vacating the shop until the asking member is finished.Please do what you can to avoid stressful interactions with one another, we don’t know everyone’s situation, or everyone’s burden.

We’ll do our best to keep a supply of surgical masks available as well, if only for their usefulness with sawdust.

Our ongoing response will be reviewed at each board meeting.

Important Note: This page is not updated as frequently as we’d like, and we are not healthcare experts. The information presented here should only be used as a general guideline.

Always refer to official sources for up-to-date information regarding mask mandates, and health information

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