Author: James Hukill

Successful Halloween?

Did anyone see any jaw dropping must have costumes for next year?  Anything you want to bring to the shop and start the planning to be the king of your neighborhood?  How about any killer lawn/house decorations? Swing by the shop tonight and share what you saw, did or want...

@rickoooooo with a new elevating Halloween Fast Hack

EMS member Rick Osgood ( ) SCARES up another Halloween hack. A double helix Jacobs Ladder ( ). Congrats Rick ( @rickoooooo ) on another ELECTRIFYING fast hack.

EMS meeting notes. Thanks Clif!

Saturday was a EMS member meeting. If you did not make it don’t worry Clif posted the meeting minutes. Thanks Clif! Some great topics brought up and a reminder EMS board member voting this December.

Philanthropic Eugene Maker Space Member Austin McKimmey in the local news.

Congratulations Austin McKimmey. Always awesome when an EMS member makes it in the news. Being recognized as an Event Organizer makes it even better. Thanks for giving back to the community! “Biking Out of Disaster”

Great (pumpkin) new YouTube video from EMS member Rick Osgood.

It’s almost Halloween so lets get inspired!  Today we have one of Eugene Maker Space’s founders and ingenious members Rick Osgood that posted a new video on his YouTube channel. Fire Breathing Jack-O-Lantern “Published on Oct 22, 2013 In this video I build a jack-o-lantern that can breathe fire! Unfortunately I...