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Bob builds a laser cutter while you watch.

New Tools Update #1

EMS received a generous donation at the end of 2014. The board decided we should spend that money on some new tools for our members. After a discussion in the EMS Discuss mailing list, we opted to spend some money on two things. CNC milling machine Laser cutter Those things...

Bob’s Laser Cutter, part 4

Today I worked on my laser cutter project.  I built the top cover and installed it along with a stop and a switch, then I fabricated a plate for the electronics.

Bob’s laser cutter project

I haven’t posted here about the laser cutter in quite a while. It’s coming along. I’m nearly done with the mechanical assembly and ready to start on wiring and electronics.  The gantry, the movable beam in the center of the picture, is installed.  The laser carriage, which rides on the...

Bob writes stepper motor control software

I have been writing Arduino software to drive a stepper motor.  I am planning to grow this into a complete control program for the laser cutter I’ve been building.  Today I got some interesting things working, and I made some videos and uploaded them to Youtube.

Bob thinks he can make a laser cutter.

Labor Day traditionally denotes the end of summer. Kids head back to school, clothing stores start displaying long sleeves and jackets, and makers start their big winter projects. This winter, I have the audacity to presume that I can build a CNC laser cutter. I will be basing my design...