Category: Member Projects

Building an Olympic Lifting Platform

On February 1, 2014, I (Rick) got together with another EMS member (Ellery) to build a modular Olympic Lifting Platform.  The goal was to build a platform that could fit in our garage.  The standard 8′ x 8′ size would be much too large, so we cut ours in half....

Ben Hallert does not set EMS on fire or how he changed his brakes.

Always awesome to link to fellow EMS members and their stories and use of the EugeneMakerSpace commons.  Ben Hallert fellow EMS member and friend ( posted this story to his Facebook feed a few days ago and I think it’s worth sharing it’s best use case story this year value...

@rickoooooo with a new elevating Halloween Fast Hack

EMS member Rick Osgood ( ) SCARES up another Halloween hack. A double helix Jacobs Ladder ( ). Congrats Rick ( @rickoooooo ) on another ELECTRIFYING fast hack.

Great (pumpkin) new YouTube video from EMS member Rick Osgood.

It’s almost Halloween so lets get inspired!  Today we have one of Eugene Maker Space’s founders and ingenious members Rick Osgood that posted a new video on his YouTube channel. Fire Breathing Jack-O-Lantern “Published on Oct 22, 2013 In this video I build a jack-o-lantern that can breathe fire! Unfortunately I...

Marie’s Bday Pinata – Office Space Printer Replica

For Marie’s birthday we made a custom pinata that closely resembled the printer from Office Space that got beatdown, if you aren’t familiar with Office Space or need a reminder of the printer beatdown

Cord’s RFID Cat Feeder – RoboFeeder

This is a video of our cat with special dietary needs using her RFID feeder. It is made from an hacked cd-rom drive and an Arduino with a RFID reader attached. It also uses a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor to make sure it doesn’t close on the cat. It has...

James’ Hexapod

Austin shot this short video of James’ hexapod.