Make-O-Rama Timelapse Footage

The first EMS Make-O-Rama was held last Saturday, Feb 23 from 11AM to 4PM.  We had a good turn out.  We had a good portion of our membership turn up to help out either by showing off projects or talking with visitors.  We had a ton of snacks, drinks, pizza, and good conversations.  A few people were able to solder electronic components to a circuit board for the very first time, which is was exciting.  Austin set up a GoPro camera to take time lapse footage of the event.  You can check it out below.  Clif also took some photos during the event and uploaded them to the EMS gallery.  Check them out!

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  1. Jay Purcell says:

    I am a former IT PRO attendee. Know Horst and all.
    suggested letting others know where your located.
    Do you have a laser 3d scanner?
    What’s the deal?
    I am working on my RV to do solar heat and power.
    Might want to make parts THAT I CAN NOT DO REUSE/RECYCLE

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