Hak5 Visiting CodeChops and EMS

Darren Kitchen from Hak5 is currently on his Hack Across America tour.  “What is Hak5?” you ask.  Hak5 is an internet show that deals with all things hacking.  Darren will be stopping by CodeChops this Friday night to do a talk about “Alternative Internets for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse.”    The fun will begin with the talk at CodeChops at 5:00PM.  Then at 7:00PM, Darren and crew will head over to Eugene Maker Space to hang out and talk all things hacker, geek, etc.

So come down to Eugene Maker Space this Friday night at 7:00PM and “Trust your Technolust” with the Hak 5 crew.

More information available at Hak5’s website.Add Media

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