EMS Nearspace Balloon Lost – Reward Offered

Filling station

Last Sunday, October 9th 2016, our team released a small weather balloon from Chemult, Oregon.  Unfortunately our tracking system failed at 30,000 feet and we were unable to recover our capsule.  The projected flight path predicts that the capsule would have landed somewhere near Christmas Valley, Oregon. We are hoping someone who lives in the area might find it and return it to us.


We are offering a reward of $200 for finding the weather balloon payload.  This offer is effective for one year from November 1st 2016. If you locate the payload(s), please contact Rick (at) Richardosgood (dot) com.

Flight Path

Below is the software generated path of the helium filled balloon and a best estimate of its payloads landing.  The red dot is the launch site.  The yellow dot is the point at which the balloon popped and the blue dot is the landing.  If the parachute and payload traveled further it would have done so along the same bearing.  It might even be in the lake.

Predicted Flight Path


Potential Landing Area


The most visibly identifiable part of the payload is the parachute.  It is a bright orange 4 foot fabric parachute.  There are two payloads attached to this parachute.  One is an 8 inch spherical styrofoam sphere with a band of aluminized tape around its center.  There is a black piece of nylon threaded rod that sticks out the top and bottom.  The second payload was our tracking module.  It is a cylindrical foam enclosure about the size of a birthday cake.  It has three pink lanyards on top of it and a black nylon strap around its midsection. There are antennae sticking out the side of it used to transmit its location to our ground team.




Any assistance in locating our payloads is greatly appreciated!

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